How to Ease Your Travel Security Concerns

According to a recent study, security is the number one factor travelers consider when choosing a holiday destination. The study, conducted by Bournemouth University and the travel search site Travelzoo, surveyed 6000 consumers in China, the United States, Germany, Britain, France, Russia, India and South Africa, finding that “97 percent of all respondents have personal safety at the forefront of their minds when choosing a holiday destination.” The study also found that the majority of respondents were significantly more concerned about security than they were in 2014.


Do you share these concerns? Let T&M quell your fears. T&M offers travel security solutions to help you plan for trips and stay safe as you travel.

  • Destination Intelligence Briefings: Utilizing our extensive global network of on-the-ground security resources and contacts with local law enforcement, T&M provides accurate and timely intelligence relevant to your travel plans. With support from our 24/7 Command Center, we provide you with real-time updates on events or incidents that may impact your safety and security throughout your trip.  
  • Social Media Monitoring: Employing the most current tools, T&M can monitor social media to uncover potential threats to individuals, families, and business executives as they travel. In the event potentially threatening information is uncovered; T&M will alert clients and provide recommendations for additional security or intelligence research services. 
  • Secure Transportation: T&M believes the single most important action that travelers can take to increase their security is to use trusted and secure transport (NOT a car service or local taxi). We offer discreet, law enforcement grade secure transportation and personal protection services across the U.S. and worldwide.