The Necessity for Social Media Monitoring

Threatening and dangerous people and groups leave a trail on social media. In today’s electronic age, Social Media Monitoring has become a critical component of any comprehensive security program.

social media monitoring

Effective social media monitoring, particularly as a component of a threat management program, requires more than just having automated monitoring tools in place. From a security perspective, it is essential that social media monitoring include human analysis. While some online tools claim to judge sentiment and identify potential threats, only human analysts can help put threats and/or adverse posts into context, identify the individual behind the post and provide a more accurate threat assessment - all of which is critical to helping an individual or organization make a more informed security decision.

T&M’s blended approach to monitoring, which includes state-of-the-art software, proprietary data sources and open source intelligence combined with human analysis, experience and assessment, is what brings real value to our clients and promotes a proactive approach to security. It enables early identification of potential risks to organizations or individuals and continuous monitoring of those threats to identify any change in behavior that may impact the risk to an organization or individual. By identifying and communicating information about threats in real-time with our clients, our services also can support the operations of a security team in place on the ground protecting an organization or asset.

When a threat situation is identified and validated by analysts, T&M offers its clients the unique benefit of its entire team of diverse security resources, including field investigators, data forensics experts and executive protection security agents, all of whom are experienced and poised to respond. With T&M, clients obtain the peace of mind and ease that comes with knowing that a comprehensive security solution is only one phone call away.

Many organizations and individuals, including Chief Operating Officers, Chief Security Officers, Security Directors or principals themselves, may benefit from ongoing monitoring that keeps them actively aware of any potential threats or adverse/violent posts online. Ongoing monitoring keeps a finger on the pulse of individuals and groups that may have an interest in threatening, protesting or disrupting the business activity of individuals and organizations. Alternatively, others may seek social media monitoring in response to a very specific threat received or in anticipation of a major event. T&M’s social media monitoring services support clients in long and short-term situations and anywhere in between, providing both proactive and reactive intelligence and can be set up and running in a few hours’ notice.

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