Returning to Office after COVID-19 - Strategic Planning Considerations

As government mandated COVID-19 business closures and restrictions are lifted in the coming weeks to reopen the economy, the workplace we return to will not be the same. The 'new normal' will require new regulations, and employee expectations in the workplace will require change.

Return to Work NYC

T&M has been studying how various types of businesses are reopening in places around the globe that were afflicted with COVID-19 before the United States. Lessons learned can be applied to help optimize results and avoid pitfalls. Strategic planning considerations for organizations and businesses include:

  • Developing policies, procedures and protocols for reopening in the 'new normal'
  • Establishing physical and architectural mitigation measures that will promote physical distancing and sanitary work environments without compromising safety
  • Identifying equipment, technology and staffing, such as personal protective equipment (PPE), cleaning and sanitizing materials, thermal scanning and screening, and office deep-cleaning services, to promote the health and well-being of employees and visitors to the office

As your organization grapples with these issues, T&M's team of security experts has been helping clients prepare for the transition back to onsite operations by developing and implementing a safe and strategic plan for the return to the physical workplace after the pandemic restrictions begin to ease. Our experts offer your organization the collective benefits of their efforts:

  • Strategic return to workplace planning that reflects best practices in your industry
  • Plan evaluation and advisory services conducted by medical executives who are subject matter experts in infectious disease
  • Research and evaluation of wellness technologies and equipment
  • Workplace logistical planning and density mitigation that supports physical distancing in work spaces and common areas
  • Wellness Ambassadors who are deployed to assist your organization with wellness and safety in the workplace
To download a presentation on strategic planning considerations for the return to office, click on the link below. Need more assistance? To discuss your organization's challenges with its return to office plan, contact us.

Download T&M's Return to Office - Strategic Planning Considerations  Presentation!