Security During NFL Draft - Social Media Monitoring to be Key Component

Security measures for the upcoming 84th NFL Draft in Nashville, Tennessee will include social media monitoring, states Dan Donovan, Vice President of Sport & Entertainment Security.

NFL Draft

In a recent article published by The Tennessean, the daily newspaper of Nashville, Tennessee, Mr. Donovan cites social media monitoring as a key component to gathering real-time intelligence leading up to and during an event. It's "the technology potentially having the largest impact on event security," commented Mr. Donovan. Without a doubt, social media monitoring today is a critical component of a comprehensive security program. Additionally, social media itself can be a practical and effective tool for law enforcement and first responders to communicate with the public, share information and maintain situational awareness within the community during an incident or emergency. 

In addition to social media monitoring efforts, information on security checkpoints and security staffing, as well as the local, state and federal responder presence during the event, was included in the article.1.jpg

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