T&M on Increased Vigilance for Special Events Post-Las Vegas

A year after the Route 91 Harvest festival massacre in Las Vegas that left 58 attendees dead and more than 850 wounded, Dan Donovan, T&M’s Vice President of Sport & Entertainment Security, spoke to VenuesNow on the evolving approach to festival and special event security planning.

Las Vegas
"In all of our discussions with various intel agencies, the consistent theme is increasing our security posture through visible presence extending out from [the event venue] perimeter and close cooperation with local agencies," stated Mr. Donovan. He also stressed perimeter hardening, assessing risks and implementing measures to deter and deny would-be attackers, and communication and lessons learned sharing as vital to securing today’s events.

Also trending, security costs for special events post-Las Vegas are on the rise due to the increase in security measures that promoters and venue operators are now instituting. "Previously, budgeting for security was far more challenging. Clients are now more willing to spend the money necessary to keep fans safer than ever before," commented Mr. Donovan.

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