Return to the New Normal - Comprehensive COVID-19 Consulting Services

Businesses, venues, schools and other establishments reopening following the COVID-19 pandemic will be required to demonstrate they have a plan that protects the health and well-being of employees, guests and students entering their facilities. Working with infectious disease specialists, T&M assists clients with developing and implementing strategic reopening solutions to ensure compliance with appropriate guidelines and health and wellness requirements. 

Strategic Reopening
Advisory Services 

Organizations seeking reopening guidance in the 'new normal' turn to T&M for strategic planning that reflects best practices in their industry. Services include:

  • Physical Distancing Protocols - Lobby logistics, travel path directional assistance, queuing plans 
  • Screening or Testing Technologies - Research, analysis, benchmarking and cost-benefit evaluation of solutions available
  • Policies, Procedures and Protocols - Development, training and implementation
  • Contact Assessment - Assistance to reduce contact points throughout your facility

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Wellness Ambassadors

T&M’s Wellness Ambassadors interact with your employees, patrons, guests, visitors and others, providing information, direction and guidance on the health and safety policies implemented to support various health and safety initiatives. Services include:

  • Managing lobby, office and vertical transport (elevators, escalators, stairwell) logistics to support physical distancing requirements
  • Directing travel paths to minimize crowding and promote density mitigation
  • Administering thermal screening/thermal scanning technology
  • Monitoring for any required personal protective equipment (PPE) usage and assisting with its distribution
  • Enforcing Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other federal, state and local guidelines
Wellness Ambassadors who are also certified Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) or licensed and registered Security Guards are available upon request.

Medical Consulting
provided by Doctors who are Subject Matter Experts in Infectious Disease

T&M offers clients medical consultation services provided by a team of infectious disease specialists. Services include:

  • Infection prevention intervention recommendations that are consistent and in compliance with advisories from the CDC and other relevant public health entities
  • Medical literature review and analysis on how best to determine potential immunity of individuals and recommendations regarding vaccines and other preventive measures as they become available
  • Reopening plan evaluation from a medical standpoint
  • Informational briefings as requested on relevant medical issues
T&M does not engage in the practice of medicine. T&M’s services, including providing health-related information by qualified medical professionals, is designed for informational purposes and is not intended to be used to diagnose or treat any specific individual.

T&M: Part of Your Solution

Employees, guests, visitors and others are seeking information, direction and guidance on policies implemented to support health and safety initiatives in the workplace.

Conveying your organization's commitment to health and well-being will aid in relieving the anxiety and concern that may arise during the reopening transition.

Combining T&M’s 40 years of experience in premium, sophisticated security services with an added emphasis on health and well-being as a new facet of safety, you can trust T&M to deliver peace of mind in the 'new normal.'


Let's discuss your challenges and how T&M can deliver a solution that offers peace of mind.