Investigations That Help You Find the Truth

The information you need won’t always be readily available. Either inadvertently concealed or intentionally hidden from view, it isn’t always easy to find. We help you uncover the information that can become the linchpin for innocence, can prove liability and can protect hard-earned reputations from being diminished.

Financial Investigations

The effects of financial crime can reach into organizations of all sizes and into any industry. Negative incidents can erode customer trust and can destroy businesses. T&M investigates suspected fraud, embezzlement and can help discover whether or not the movement of money within an organization is occurring the way it should be.

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Employment Investigations

As an employer, hiring can often be a burdensome and risky undertaking. Finding the right information to make a well-informed decision is challenging. Likewise, adequately monitoring ex-employees for breaches of non-compete agreements and other contracts isn’t a simple task. T&M can provide the expertise you need.

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Health Care Fraud and Abuse

Regulations and compliance laws pertaining to health care are exhaustive. Very few industries work with data nearly as sensitive, especially on a scale as large as the health care industry. When fraud or abuse is suspected, you need a trusted advisor.

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Private Investigations

When gathering evidence for use in court cases or seeking information for personal goals, investigations should be performed in a legal manner. Our clients come to us for results by the rules.

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Sexual Misconduct Investigations

Given the highly sensitive nature of sexual misconduct allegations and the investigations that follow, many organizations and individuals find themselves in situations they can’t handle alone. T&M’s experts skillfully and discreetly uncover information that can help you learn the truth.

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Investigations Team Contacts

Michael J. Mansfield, Esq.
Kira M. El Boury
Lauren Mack, Esq.
Meryl Lutsky, Esq.
Martin G. Gleeson, Esq.
Anthony Spaventa, CFE, AHFI
Samuel K. Solesi, Jr., CPA
Laura Kirschstein, Esq.
Deborah Katz, Esq.

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