Discreet and Customized Investigations & Consulting

When the facts are difficult to obtain or you are seeking risk mitigation, turn to T&M for  discreet investigations and customized consulting services that uncover sought-after information and deliver peace of mind.

Background Investigations

Conducting intelligent background investigations requires more that running a database search. T&M's process identifies custom research criteria and includes a manual review of each candidate's results by an intelligence analyst skilled in spotting the 'red flags' and critical connections that databases often fail to highlight. 


Cyber Security & Investigations

At work, at home and on the go, protecting data and electronic information - and taking swift investigative and remediation action in the event of a potential cyber attack - is critical. T&M provides the expert assessments, recommendations and investigations that businesses and individuals need to be cyber safe.


Destination Intelligence Briefings

In today's global uncertainty, safety can no longer be an afterthought. Whether for business or leisure travel, T&M's intelligence analysts provide the information and recommendations you need to consider before arriving at your next destination. 


Financial Investigations

Financial crime can affect organizations of all sizes and industries. Allegations, as well as proven incidents, can erode customer trust and destroy businesses. T&M's team of Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE's), Certified Public Accountants (CPA's) and experts in anti-money laundering and financial crimes investigate suspected fraud, embezzlement and the movement of money within an organization.


Global Due Diligence

Prior to investments, mergers and acquisitions, businesses today need comprehensive due diligence to make the most informed decisions. T&M works with each client to understand the specific intelligence needs, develop a customized scope of work, provide an investigatory roadmap and deliver well-researched and accurate results. 


Health Care Fraud & Abuse

Regulations and compliance laws pertaining to health care are exhaustive. T&M develops and implements corporate Fraud, Waste & Abuse (FWA) Compliance Programs, conducts tailored fraud awareness training and assists in creating corrective action plans for recovering overpayments from providers and vendors.


Litigation Support

Whether at the start of litigation or on the eve of trial, lawyers need accurate information and expert legal strategy consulting, often at a moment's notice. T&M's team of former prosecutors and lawyers have the expertise and resources to provide the support you need.


Security Consulting

When you need expert security advice, T&M can help. Our experienced security consultants offer best practices recommendations and can help you implement the measures you need to be safe - at home and in the workplace.


Sexual Misconduct Consulting & Investigations

All organizations require clear guidelines, reporting protocols and training on the issue of sexual misconduct. When an allegation is made, an independent, skilled and sensitive investigation should be pursued. T&M's sexual misconduct investigators are lawyers who have decades of experience with cases involving sexual assault and harassment, stalking, workplace violence, internet predators, unlawful surveillance and child pornography.


Online Monitoring & Threat Analysis

Technology keeps us all connected, but it has also led to the emergence of a new modality of threat. T&M monitors and analyzes threats made against organizations, events and individuals on social media platforms and deploys investigative and security response services to uncover nefarious actors, provide protection and mitigate risk.


Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)

Sometimes the threats most damaging to your business and personal life can’t be seen. Covert surveillance devices may be small and easy to hide, but what they capture can have a devastating and lasting impact. T&M detects and uncovers these intrusions.



Have you ever searched for yourself online and been surprised to find your address, age and even the name of your family members all available and searchable by anyone with an internet connection? T&M’s WebClear helps you to regain control over your online presence by facilitating the removal of personal information from over 25 major public records aggregators and online directories.


Let's discuss your challenges and how T&M can deliver a solution that offers peace of mind.