Experienced Executive Protection & Secure Transportation Services, When and Where You Need it

Global threats and the growing influence of the internet and social media are making our world increasingly unpredictable and uncertain. You need a security partner and a trusted advisor to assess heightened threat situations. Someone who can help you mitigate risk and ultimately keep you, your staff or your family safe.

No matter where, we can be there

T&M deploys experienced security teams to countries worldwide to keep you safe, even far away from home.


Who We Serve

Fortune 100 companies and their executives, celebrities and high-profile/high net-worth individuals have benefited from personal protection, secure transportation and special event security services. We work with you to identify your threat profile and tailor a strategic security plan.


How We Operate

Every interaction with T&M security agents and security drivers is discreet, professional and in the best interest of our clients. Our executive protection services are led by a former executive management-level U.S. Secret Service agent and supported by a team of former military and federal, state and local law enforcement personnel who work together to provide each and every client with the greatest level of care.

What We Provide

We provide intelligence-driven executive protection services based on the rigorous standards used by the U.S. Secret Service. Services include long- and short-term domestic and international personal protection and secure transportation and residential, office and special event security.

We deploy experienced security agents and security drivers who have law enforcement or military experience and are capable of making the critical decisions that may be necessary in response to an evolving threat condition.

During an assignment, T&M’s 24/7 Command Center helps our security teams maintain situational awareness by providing real-time alerts and intelligence on factors that may impact safety.

Let's discuss your challenges and how T&M can deliver a solution that offers peace of mind.


Executive Protection & Secure Transportation Team Contacts

Peter J. Quinn
Hugh Goulding
George L. Sax