Lawyers and Skilled Investigators Who Find Answers, Evidence and Solutions

Whether at the start of litigation or on the eve of trial, lawyers need accurate information and expert legal strategy consulting, often at a moment's notice.

The Value of Litigation Support

Law firms turn to T&M to obtain the information, evidence and subject matter expertise they can depend on to support litigation, domestically and abroad. They need rapid, discreet and reliable consulting and investigative assistance from a trusted partner who knows how to lawfully obtain the facts that can assist in obtaining better client results.

Our team of lawyers, journalists and skilled investigators with previous careers as executives in federal and local law enforcement, New York prosecutors' offices and various government agencies, have the contacts, backgrounds, resources and knowledge necessary to obtain results for the most complex and challenging assignments.

Deposition Support

Deposing witnesses without the proper due diligence poses challenges for firms. T&M helps lawyers prepare in advance of a deposition by conducting thorough background checks using our proprietary databases and performing deep dive investigations. T&M can remain on alert and be responsive to immediate needs from unanticipated issues during depositions.

Witness Interviews

Lawyers do not always have the time or resources to track down and interview the witnesses who can enhance their cases, or who may know critical information that could lead to valuable results. The T&M team has the experience to locate witnesses and obtain information in a lawful and legally permissible manner, enabling them to testify in court if necessary.

Data Analysis

Struggling to make sense of your adversary's recent discovery production? T&M's data analytic experts can save lawyers time and their clients' money by reviewing and analyzing data, as well as providing a synopsis of relevant information.

Legal Strategy Consulting

Our team of litigation support experts include former practicing lawyers with both prosecution and defense backgrounds. In addition to our broad-based knowledge, we have niche expertise in a variety of fields including health care, sexual misconduct, forensic accounting and financial crimes. We can provide expert legal strategy consulting in anticipation of and throughout litigation.

Expert Witness Referrals

Know the subject matter expert you need to win your trial or reach a settlement but having difficulty locating the perfect expert? Rely on T&M's vast network of experts across industries. We can help connect you to an expert witness that can speak to your case's unique issues.

Global Litigation Support Services for Attorneys

For attorneys seeking expert litigation support services in the U.S. and around the globe, T&M delivers the timely and lawfully obtained information, resources and investigative services that enable them to make a knowledgeable next move.

Let's discuss your information and investigative needs and how T&M can rapidly respond prior to and during litigation.


Litigation Support Team Contacts

Meryl Lutsky, Esq.
Martin G. Gleeson, Esq.
Michael J. Mansfield, Esq.