Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Sometimes, the threats most damaging to your business and personal life can’t be seen. Covert surveillance devices may be small and easy to hide, but what they capture can have a devastating and lasting impact. Let T&M help you detect and prevent these intrusions.

Detect & Prevent Technical Surveillance

Without your knowledge, surveillance devices can be placed to capture sensitive information. Information in the wrong hands can compromise the credibility, trust and reputation that individuals and businesses work decades to build. T&M provides sophisticated and discreet Technical Surveillance Countermeasure (TSCM) services—also commonly referred to as “sweeps”—that are conducted by experienced technicians equipped with advanced TSCM equipment.

Physical Inspection

Determines evidence of any covert video or audio devices, such as cameras or microphone/listening devices

Electronic Analysis

Determines the presence of radio frequency (RF) transmitting devices—both operating and dormant.

Corporate Espionage

Leaked or stolen information can have irreversible consequences in the business world. T&M conducts TSCM sweeps of conference rooms, corporate offices, board rooms and other meeting areas prior to important gatherings so that companies can share confidential information without fear of a breach.

Residential and Personal TSCM

Not unlike corporations, individuals may also face the risk of unwanted listening and covert cameras. Sensitive information may be taken from private residences, vehicles, watercraft and aircraft. Technical surveillance countermeasures can be taken to detect and prevent information from being obtained for malicious purposes.

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