Online Monitoring and Threat Analysis for Active Intelligence

Technology has created a truly connected world, yet it has also created a modern category of threats to individuals and organizations. Online and social media monitoring, combined with experienced threat analysis, can provide the proactive intelligence needed as hyper-connectivity evolves.

Proactively Identify Actual Safety Threats

Social media is increasingly becoming the vehicle used to disseminate hateful and threatening messages aimed at business executives, companies and high-profile individuals. Distinguishing between empty words and actual safety threats posed by internet users is one of today’s most complex safety challenges.

Using aggregator technology, T&M’s intelligence analysts collect posts from a variety of social media sites and conduct analysis to determine your threat level. If a threat is identified, T&M also provides follow-up investigative services to monitoring.

Event Intelligence, From All Angles

Your high-profile event may be attracting undesired attention. We help identify whether people may be organizing to disrupt or interfere with your plans and can geo-fence the event location to monitor social media activity during the occasion in real-time. If necessary, T&M also provides on-site event security services to help ensure the safety of you and your guests.

Protect Your Reputation With WebClear

Have you ever searched for yourself online and been surprised to find your address, age and even the names of your family members all available and searchable by anyone with an internet connection? T&M’s WebClear helps you to regain control over your online presence by facilitating the removal of personal information from over 90 major public records aggregators and online directories.

Let's discuss your challenges and how T&M can deliver a solution that offers peace of mind.


Online Monitoring & Threat Analysis Team Contacts

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