Expert & Sensitive Sexual Misconduct Consulting and Investigations

Investigations into sexual misconduct often reveal misinterpreted and unenforced policies and procedures. Allegations of misconduct, even if unfounded, can have damaging repercussions for organizations and individuals and must be investigated thoroughly by experienced professionals.

Guidance You Can Trust

Whether you belong to an academic institution, religious establishment, corporation, non-profit, law firm, professional sports team or any other type of organization, prevention of sexual misconduct requires clear guidelines and awareness training. Our team of former sex crimes prosecutors has years of combined experience with sexual misconduct, domestic violence and child abuse prevention matters, providing consulting and training to groups nationwide.

Solutions for Academic Institutions

Solutions for Camps

Gain Reassurance with Our Thorough Policy Assessment & Development

Creating effective sexual misconduct policies and protocols that deter unwanted behavior and withstand legal scrutiny is challenging. Our team assesses and develops organization-specific policies and protocols and devises clear and detailed reporting procedures for incidents of sexual misconduct that may occur. In addition, our consultants are experts in Title IX and the Campus SAVE Act.

Promote a Safe Environment with Effective Sexual Misconduct Awareness Training

While providing education and awareness on issues of sexual misconduct is undeniably important, it’s also difficult. The subject matter can be delicate, requiring an expert who can convey the message in an effective, yet comfortable and engaging manner. Our team has provided countless training sessions, customized to each organization, for audiences of all ages, from school children to seasoned professionals.

Sexual Misconduct Occurs in Many Forms and Settings…We Investigate Them All

With a team of former prosecutors who have investigated and supervised thousands of cases involving sexual assault and harassment, stalking, workplace violence, internet predators, unlawful surveillance and child pornography, each case is handled with the utmost care. From educational institutions, to professional sports teams; from international corporations, to religious organizations and non-profits—we investigate the true nature of sexual misconduct claims.

Solutions for Academic Institutions

Solutions for Camps

Handling a Legal Case? Depend on the Experts

T&M offers litigation support to attorneys handling sexual misconduct cases by assisting with investigations and performing witness interviews and assessments. With extensive experience managing sex crimes cases in the courtroom, we skillfully help you navigate unfamiliar processes.

Obtain Objective Results from Independent Monitoring

How well is your organization complying with its own policies and procedures on issues regarding sexual misconduct? What about state and federal regulations? T&M serves as an independent monitor to evaluate an organization’s compliance with its own protocols, procedures and efforts to reduce sexual misconduct and provides 24/7 hotline services to allow for anonymous reporting of related incidents.

Let's discuss your challenges and how T&M can deliver a solution that offers peace of mind.


Sexual Misconduct Consulting & Investigations Team Contacts

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