Preventing Cyber Attack and Investigating Cyber Breaches

The threat to cyber security is constantly evolving. Organizations and individuals need support from a trusted partner who can assess, mitigate and prevent threats to data privacy and cyber environments. Should an attack occur, a rapid investigative response by team of cyber experts is critical.

Cyber Security

Protecting corporate IT infrastructure or a personal home network is an ongoing process. New cyber weaknesses and vulnerabilities are exposed daily. T&M’s Cyber Security Advisory program provides up-to-date consulting and advisory services that help you combat the latest cyber threats and meet your cyber security goals.

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Cyber Incident Response

Cyber incidents can quickly erode the trust and credibility that businesses strive so diligently to safeguard. Individuals who fear they are a victim of cyber attack often feel their personal privacy has been violated. With the growing complexity of cyber attacks and the consequences for what's at stake for organizations and individuals, it is important to act swiftly. T&M provides global, rapid response to identify, contain, eradicate and remediate the most sophisticated and severe cyber security breaches.

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Data Forensics

Organizations and individuals create and store a vast amount of information and their growing digital footprint can quickly become the setting for theft and other white-collar crimes. When you need to investigate suspicious activity, T&M provides data forensics that include chain-of-custody logs and court-accepted processes to ensure the data collected is admissible in court should the information recovered result in litigation.

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Network Security Vulnerability Assessments

At work or at home, if you suspect your network is vulnerable or just want the peace of mind of an independent assessment, rely on T&M to evaluate the cyber security posture of your network and electronic devices. Cyber security vulnerabilities are identified and T&M's experts provide recommendations to reduce the potential for security breaches.

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Cyber Security & Investigations Team Contacts

Michael J. Mansfield, Esq.