Destination Intelligence Briefings for Safer Travel

Safety shouldn’t be an afterthought. Let T&M make your travel security our priority so you can trek the globe with ease.

Safe Travel Starts with Smart Information

Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, T&M’s customized Destination Intelligence Briefings can help you make well-informed and safe decisions.

Briefings include details often overlooked by travelers and they quickly become a ‘must-have’ for many clients.

Extensive Global Security Network

With our extensive global network of on-the-ground security resources and contacts with local law enforcement, we can provide accurate and timely intelligence relevant to your travel plans. Seeking local security support during your visit? Our network includes security personnel - personal protection security agents, security drivers and 'on-call' security resources - that can be deployed during your stay to keep you and your travelers safe.

24/7 Support From The T&M Command Center

T&M’s 24/7 Command Center provides clients with real time email updates on events or incidents that may impact their safety and security throughout the duration of their trip.

Learn More About The Command Center

Let's discuss your challenges and how T&M can deliver a solution that offers peace of mind.


Destination Intelligence Briefings Team Contacts

Michael J. Mansfield, Esq.