Privacy Begins with WebClear

Have you ever searched for yourself online and been surprised to find your address, age and even the names and addresses of your family members? T&M’s WebClear helps you to regain control over your online presence by facilitating the removal of personal information from over 90 major public records aggregators and online directories.

Clear the Web with WebClear

T&M's intelligence analysts facilitate the removal of personal information from the internet by scouring over 90 major online public records aggregators and online directories. Sensitive pedigree and address information is identified and records are removed. Since public record aggregator sites have a high rate of record reversion, removed records may reappear within a 6 to 12 month period or sooner. To aid with continued privacy, T&M recommends quarterly WebClear services. 

For Added Intelligence, Consider Online Monitoring & Threat Analysis

Curious to know what is being posted online regarding a person, organization or special event and whether it poses a threat to safety? T&M provides Online Monitoring & Threat Analysis that identifies potential and/or immediate  threats made online against individuals, organizations or special events. Our investigative and on-site security response capabilities can be deployed to mitigate the threats and provide peace of mind.

Let's discuss your challenges and how T&M can deliver a solution that offers peace of mind.


WebClear Team Contacts

Michael J. Mansfield, Esq.