A Methodical Approach to Data Forensics

Organizations create and store a vast amount of information and their growing digital footprint can quickly become the setting for fraud, theft and other white-collar crimes. Illegal activity can be buried deep within your data—and it requires experience to determine its presence.

Reveal Hidden Electronic Data

T&M begins by identifying network and computing devices that may contain the sought-after electronically stored data in question.
Communication and information stored on computers, servers, cell phones, memory sticks and even copier machines and phone systems can often confirm or negate the suspicion of wrongdoing. Data forensics can reveal hidden files, email communications, text chat sessions and compromised information, even if the device has been reformatted or the data has presumably been destroyed.

Thorough Results

All data is handled using proven data protection procedures and held in the strictest confidence. Chain-of-custody logs and court-accepted processes ensure that the data collected is admissible in court should the information recovered result in litigation. T&M’s team of experts have significant experience providing written and oral testimony at the time of trial and can become an invaluable part of your team should you pursue litigation.

  • Discreet Investigations of Electronically Stored Information
  • Recovery of Destroyed or Deleted Electronic Data
  • Analysis of Data Recovered on Electronic Devices
  • Recovery and Examination of Formatted Hard Drives
  • Access to Hidden Electronic Files
  • Crack Password Protected Files
  • Uncover Computer Usage Timelines and Events
  • Determine Web Sites Visited and Internet Activity
  • Recovery of Text Messages and Other Communications
  • Recovery of E-Mail Sent via Third Party Services

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Data Forensics Team Contacts

Michael J. Mansfield, Esq.