Solutions for Academic Institutions

T&M has the expertise schools need to promote safety and well-being. Our team assists K-12 private and public schools, colleges and universities with various issues related to harassment and sexual misconduct, including sexual assault, sexual abuse, sexual harassment, domestic/intimate partner violence, stalking, hazing, bullying and child abuse. 

Policy, Protocol & Reporting Procedure Assessment and/or Development  

T&M analyzes existing policies, procedures and protocols pertaining to all types of harassment and sexual misconduct, including sexual assault, sexual abuse, and sexual harassment, domestic/intimate partner violence, stalking, hazing, bullying and child abuse, and provides recommendations for enhancement. In addition, T&M works with academic institutions to draft or revise and re-draft existing policies for enhanced safety and risk mitigation.

Training, Education & Prevention Programs

T&M’s subject matter experts develop and deliver customized and compelling training, education and prevention programs for students, faculty, administrators, athletic staff and school clergy.

Investigations into Allegations of Harassment and Sexual Misconduct

In the event that an allegation of harassment or sexual misconduct arises involving a member of the school community, T&M engages in sensitive, discreet and skilled investigations, which include conducting interviews, gathering evidence, and preparing detailed written reports of findings in preparation for adjudication.

Evaluation of Response Efforts to Incidents or Claims of Harassment or Sexual Misconduct

T&M evaluates academic institutions’ past responses to incidents or claims of harassment or sexual misconduct and provides specific and integrated steps and recommendations for improved handling of responses in the future.

24/7 On-call Support

No matter how developed an institution’s harassment and sexual misconduct policies, procedures and protocols are, unforeseen incidents can still arise that leave staff and administrators at a loss about how to proceed in a manner that best protects the school community. T&M provides 24/7 expert on-call support for school personnel and their attorneys.


T&M serves as an outside, independent monitor to evaluate a school’s ongoing compliance with its own protocols, procedures and efforts to reduce harassment and sexual misconduct on campus.

T&M's custom solutions cater to the unique needs of the following institutions:

  • Primary & Secondary Schools At primary and secondary schools, T&M conducts outside independent investigations into reported allegations of sexual misconduct and other harassment behaviors and develops and/or revises schools’ harassment policies for administrators, clergy, faculty and students. T&M offers specific and integrated steps that enable schools to enhance reporting and response and improve safety. In addition, T&M analyzes existing training programs, develops an enhanced training curriculum and delivers training to administrators, faculty, clergy, students and parents with the goal of achieving not just compliance with the school’s policy, but a “gold standard” of diligence.
  • Colleges & Universities For colleges and universities, T&M evaluates and recommends revisions to policies, procedures and practices for preventing, investigating and remediating sex-based harassment and integrating the many requirements of Title IX and VAWA into their policies, procedures, training for staff and education for students. T&M also conducts outside independent investigations into reported allegations of school policy violations.
  • Athletic Departments & Leagues In light of the influence, power and position of trust wielded by coaches and other members of athletic staff at academic institutions, T&M believes it is important to set forth guidelines to cultivate a safe and positive environment for student-athletes. T&M works with school athletic departments and leagues on the primary school, secondary school and collegiate levels to define appropriate behavior and conduct, and to subsequently develop school athletic policies, evaluate and provide recommendations on athletic department handbooks, advise on appropriate training and education for both student-athletes and athletic department staff and deliver training and educational presentations for athletes and athletic department personnel.

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Harassment and Sexual Misconduct Consulting & Investigations Team

Julie Freudenheim, Esq.